Theory Wiz

Beginner/Preliminary/Grade One

Children instantly connect with Theory Wiz.

This three book series presents all the essential theory concepts in an easy to follow format that is fresh and vibrant.

Theory Wiz has been specifically developed to foster self-learning.  Students are able to navigate through this series via classroom or studio tuition. Many students successfully complete Theory Wiz with minimal help from their teacher.

One of the aims of Theory Wiz is to attract students through its engaging format, fun characters and minimal use of language.  Information is set out clearly and concisely so that the subject material is always easy to follow.  Carefully graded practical examples assist students to acquire knowledge and skills quickly and efficiently.  Font, staff and note sizes have been carefully considered to make the series as user friendly as possible.  The inclusion of cartoon illustrations completes a visually appealing series of books that are robust in their learning content.


Theory Wiz is a suitable text for all examination boards including AMEB, ANZCA, Trinity College and ABRSM.

The three Theory Wiz levels are best described as Beginner, Preliminary and Grade One.

Book One explores many concepts that need to be understood by beginner students.  These include numbering lines and spaces, finding note patterns such as line-space-line, space-line-space, and numbering the beats in rhythmic sequences.

Book Two is graded at a Preliminary Level.  Skips, steps and other intervals are explored within the context of scales and keys.  Accidentals, key signatures and Italian terms are also introduced.

Book Three seamlessly follows on from the previous level and is also a ‘stand alone’ Grade One theory textbook.  Signs, terms, transposition, grouping and other Grade One syllabus requirements are thoroughly covered.  Additional concepts such as enharmonic equivalents are included as extensions.


  • Visual Appeal – students are engaged by the contemporary layout and fun characters
  • Time Efficient – the format saves time for students and teachers
  • Puzzles – provide an engaging interface
  • Game Stations – a light-hearted but effective way to confirm recently learnt concepts
  • Rewind – these pages occur at frequent intervals to ensure important elements are revised
  • Quizzes – an efficient and enjoyable way to check progress
  • Test Papers – included in each level as an essential assessment tool
  • Thorough – every theory concept in these early levels is thoroughly explored and accurately explained.

Theory Wiz

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