Kinder Beat Piano

3 - 4½ year old beginners

Kinder Beat Piano has set a new benchmark for early childhood piano. 

Children from the age of 3 are now able to enjoy playing the piano in ways that were previously unexplored.

As well as being a stand-alone early childhood piano method, Kinder Beat Piano is also the final instalment for children who have completed the earlier Kinder Beat levels of Music Box Magic and Percussion PlayKinder Beat Piano is suitable for both private and group tuition.

The songs and pieces in Kinder Beat Piano have an immediate appeal and contemporary edge.  They feature lyrics that simplify the learning process by indicating when to play or when to rest.  Professional singers, together with world-class arrangements, are a feature of the high quality recordings.  Super Cool Mouse is the hip character who adds that very special dimension to Kinder Beat Piano.

Kinder Beat Piano is developmentally precise.  It is a truly exciting and unique start to music that sets the global benchmark for early childhood piano.


Rhythm is treated as the most important foundation element because it is the basis of all music-making.  Rhythmic awareness begins with movement activities, gestures and body percussion.  Props are carefully integrated to both enhance and extend the learning experience.  Reading, understanding and playing specific rhythmic units, completes a learning sequence that is engaging and thorough.

The piano element of the curriculum begins with playing clusters before playing notes in isolation.  These are always played within a musical context with due consideration given to stylistic suitability.  The development of appropriate hand and finger shapes for very young children is carefully managed throughout the lessons.  Creativity is encouraged through improvisation that is explored on both the black and white keys.  Ensembles that include both piano and percussion parts, complete a series of cohesive and purposeful music experiences that are unmatched by any other piano method.

Children who successfully complete Kinder Beat Piano advance to the Encore on Keys Junior Piano Series.


Focus activities develop foundation piano and musicianship skills.

These include:

  • Keyboard orientation, exploration and playing
  • Piano specific coordination activities
  • Exploring clusters, glissandi and other musical units
  • Strong rhythmic focus and foundation
  • Movement, gesture and body percussion
  • Integrating props such as keyboard mats, hoops, rainbow rings and streamers
  • Musicianship development through songs, rhymes and percussion playing
  • Piano improvisation and ensemble playing
  • Reading of rhythm, pitch and graphic notation


During Kinder Beat Piano lessons, teachers use a variety of musical instruments and props to stimulate the senses and enrich the learning experience.

These include:

  • Super Cool Mouse
  • The Music Box
  • Streamers
  • Hoops
  • Rainbow Rings
  • Coloured Felt Strips
  • Assorted Percussion
  • Flash Cards
  • Worksheets
  • Music Staff Mats
  • Keyboard Mats
  • Piano/Keyboard

Kinder Beat Piano

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