Junior Piano

4½ - 7 year old beginners

The Junior Piano Series features the lovable Onkie characters, multiple learning layers and wonderful music.

Our holistic course develops a broad range of musical skills that extend well beyond playing the piano or keyboard. Children meet and play their instrument right from the start. They sing along with the music, participate in story telling and games, play percussion instruments and engage with the music through gestures and movement activities. Flash cards ensure that music literacy is developed from day one.

Encore’s unique whole-pattern methodology is utilised throughout this series. It promotes faster, more accurate learning and encourages students to feel and think in musical units. This ensures that children develop musical intelligence as early as possible.

The multi layered approach of the Junior Piano Series supports all learning styles. It builds confidence in children because every aspect of learning the piano is purposeful, stimulating and engaging.


As with Kinder Beat, the Junior Piano Series features a progressive curriculum with a strong rhythmic foundation. This allows students to quickly acquire an appreciation of the style, phrasing and key rhythmic units in the earliest stages of learning a new piece.

Gross motor and fundamental physical coordination skills are developed through body percussion and Dalcroze-inspired movement activities. Finer motor skills and piano specific techniques are rehearsed on Encore Keyboard Mats before they are transferred onto the piano. This sequence is usually achieved within the one lesson.

Technical foundation skills are integrated throughout the series. This starts with good posture and physical balance. Playing hands together begins in the first lesson, with each new piece adding another layer of musical and technical complexity.

Essential keyboard harmony skills underpin the entire series and promote musical versatility. By the end of the series, students are able to play in different keys, transpose at the piano, play basic chord progressions, read notation, play by ear and perform with confidence.

Students who successfully complete the Junior Piano Series advance to the Achiever Piano Series.


  • Songs – for enjoyment, musical expression and foundation movement activities
  • Finger Zips – small pieces that develop keyboard skills on a micro level
  • Repertoire Pieces – solo performance pieces
  • Ensembles – develop part-playing skills, group interaction and team playing
  • Keyboard Harmony – chord playing skills, transposing and improvising
  • Solfa/Solfege Singing – builds an aural library of melodic patterns
  • By-Ear Playing – connecting keyboard playing with aural perception
  • Flash Cards – enhance reading skills and reinforce theory concepts
  • Backing Tracks – provide authentic aural models that feature outstanding arrangements.
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