Encore on Keys

Beginner to advancing

Encore on Keys incorporates multiple learning layers, delightful characters and a progressive curriculum.  It offers a dynamic approach that is suitable for both private and group tuition.

There are three different beginner courses and one advancing course to suit a variety of age groups and learning styles.

Beginner Courses

  • Junior Piano – 4½ to 7 years
  • Primary Piano – 8 to 12 years
  • Accent Piano – teenagers and adults

Advancing Course

  • Achiever Piano – All ages

Encore on Keys uses a unique whole-pattern approach that facilitates faster and more accurate learning.  This ensures that students develop the musical intelligence necessary to be creative and succeed at the most advanced levels.

Rhythm is fundamental to all music-making and is one of the focal points of the Encore approach. It is the starting point for most musical experiences. Another defining feature is its harmonic foundation. The piano is intrinsically a harmonic instrument, so an integrated approach to keyboard harmony is a core element that underpins every level of the series.

Encore on Keys always engages students through motifs and grooves that are inherently musical and pianistic. Rhythmic awareness, skills and knowledge are developed through:

  • Body percussion
  • Movement and gesture
  • Speech or word patterns
  • Rhythm taps
  • Time names
  • Flash cards

Features that are exclusive to Encore on Keys include:

  • Finger Taps – establish finger numbers, finger isolation concepts, and develop patterning and sequencing.
  • Finger Zips – small pieces that develop keyboard skills on a micro level.  These melodic or harmonic units facilitate a building block approach to piano technique and promote an understanding of musical structures.
  • Professional arrangements and high quality recordings provide students with outstanding musical models.  The inclusion of practice and performance speeds allows for a variety of learning stages.  The broad range of styles includes rock, baroque, classical, jazz, blues, reggae and other contemporary genres.

The dynamic approach of Encore on Keys develops complete musicians through:

  • Performance pieces
  • Finger Zips
  • Improvisation
  • Keyboard harmony
  • Rhythm training
  • Sight reading
  • Chord chart reading
  • Ensemble playing
  • Aural awareness and training
  • Music reading and literacy

Encore on Keys

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