Accent Piano

Teenage/Adult beginners

The Accent Piano Series features a vibrant approach that has been specifically developed for the older beginner student.

As with the other Encore beginner series, students learn to play hands together from the first lesson. It is suitable for both private and group lessons.

One of the aims of this two book series is to rapidly develop foundation piano and theory skills so that students can graduate to the Achiever Piano Series in a timely way. The inclusion of comprehensive worksheets ensures a thorough understanding of music notation, terms and signs.  The worksheets directly relate to concepts covered in the piano pieces to ensure practical skills are always connected to musical knowledge.

The inclusion of a broad range of musical styles guarantees a rich and diverse learning experience.  The world-class backing tracks provide outstanding aural models.  The inclusion of practice and performance speeds allows for a variety of learning stages.


The Accent Piano Series uses the same whole-pattern learning approach as the other Encore on Keys courses.  This results in faster learning and the development of musical intelligence.

Technical skills are developed through Finger Zips and Finger Taps.  These are common to the Accent and Primary Piano Series.  Finger Zips are micro patterns that become the building blocks for larger pieces.  They assist students to build an aural library of musical units and provide a sequenced approach to technical proficiency.  Finger Taps help beginner students acquire finger sequencing and finger dexterity skills without the burden of reading complex music notation.  They prepare the way for smooth transitions when moving onto more complex piano pieces.

As with the other Encore on Keys courses, the Accent Piano Series is based on a strong rhythmic and harmonic foundation.  Rhythm Taps are used to develop two-part rhythm reading and piano specific coordination skills.  They may be played on a variety of percussion instruments or be combined with chord playing to broaden the skill base.  Essential keyboard harmony elements are embedded throughout the two-book series.

Students who successfully complete the Accent Piano Series advance to the Achiever Piano Series.


  • Finger Zips – small pieces that develop keyboard skills on a micro level
  • Rhythm Taps – develop two-handed coordination, rhythm reading and playing
  • Finger Taps – establish finger numbers, develop dexterity and reinforce fingering patterns
  • Repertoire Pieces – solo performance pieces
  • Ensembles – develop part-playing skills, group interaction and team playing
  • Keyboard Harmony – chord playing skills, transposing and improvising
  • By-Ear Playing – connecting keyboard playing with aural perception
  • Worksheets – reinforce theory concepts and enhance reading skills
  • Backing Tracks – provide authentic aural models that feature outstanding arrangements.

Accent Piano

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