Encore Music Education offers music schools and music teachers the opportunity to become either a Licensed Encore Academy or a Licensed Encore Teacher.

Unlike some organisations, we do not franchise.  We are committed to professionalism and loyalty, and providing the highest standards in music education for children.  We place these values ahead of high prices and complex rules.

Licensing includes two steps:

  1. Active participation in the relevant teacher training days and
  2. Completion of the application form and payment of the annual licence fee.

We welcome any teacher who is interested in attending our training days.  These are conducted at various times during the year in Australia and internationally.  Check our website or your local representative for details.

After completing the training, teachers are invited to complete the process to become licensed but there is absolutely no obligation to do so.

All teachers who participate in our training days receive Training Certificate/s acknowledging the course and book/s that have been completed.

Upon completion of the training day/s teachers and academies may complete the Licence Application Form.  This outlines teacher/academy credentials and experience.  Once this has been submitted and approved, the teacher/academy will receive their gold embossed Certificate of Licence upon payment of the licensing fee.

The Licence is renewable annually together with payment of the applicable fee.

The options for licensing are as follows:

Kinder Beat
Academies and/or teachers may be licensed to teach all 3 levels of Kinder Beat.

Kinder Beat Piano
Academies and/or teachers may be licensed to teach Kinder Beat Piano.

Encore on Keys
Academies and/or teachers may be licensed to teach the levels of Junior Piano, Primary Piano, Accent Piano and Achiever Piano for which they have completed training.

Encore on Strings
Academies and/or teachers may be licensed to teach each level of Encore on Strings, Music Maestros.

The application process, regulations and benefits for licensees does vary in some countries.  What is consistent for every region, is that teachers need to have attended the training days relevant to the courses that they wish to teach.

For more information, please contact either our Head Office in Australia or the representative that administers Encore Music Education in your country/region.

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