Encore Music Education is a world-class approach to the teaching of music.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence places us at the cutting edge of music education.

The Encore SMART System simplifies many aspects of learning music.

  • It embraces a multi-sensory approach that is thorough, musically engaging and accommodates all learning styles.
  • Whole-pattern learning is a key aspect of the Encore System.  It ensures that seemingly complex elements are learnt in simple logical units.
  • Progress is immediate, consistent and accurate.

Our comprehensive curriculum features music that has contemporary flair, traditional fundamentals and a vibrant rhythmic energy.  Students are engaged from the outset so their music-making experiences are at all times thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable.

We have invested in our beliefs and worked with industry professionals to develop beautiful artwork, captivating characters, and recordings of the highest quality.  Our course books project a warmth and personality guaranteed to motivate every teacher, parent and child.

You simply will not find a better approach to music education.

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